Playing with Lightning || Delliot

Sometimes things don’t work out to everybody’s favor, and despite his “I don’t give a fuck” attitude, Derek felt guilty. He’d known that Kurt had been falling for him, and he wasn’t going to lie that he enjoyed the feeling of being around him, enjoyed making Kurt happy, but overall, he enjoyed that fact that someone was in love with him. But Derek knew that when he was being himself, he and Kurt argued, but when he was trying to make Kurt happy, he steadily fell for him more, and he didn’t want that. He didn’t want a relationship that depended on how he felt, and could potentially involve more fighting than actually being a couple. That’s not what would make Derek happy.

Elliot, on the other hand, was where Derek’s happiness laid. It was mean to say, but the other made him happiest, and he loved him, he loved him so much and he wasn’t able to describe that with something as twisting as words, and it’s not like he could give Elliot his feelings, that’d be far too easy. The guilt the other felt was completely understandable, but not something Derek wanted the person he loved to be undergoing, especially since he himself was discovering the feels of guilt. He hadn’t meant to hurt Kurt, he really does care for him. Regardless. Derek was with (maybe?) Elliot now, and he wanted him to remember that. So he called him over. And he waited patiently, until he heard the knock of the other, in which he moved to the door, opening it and making a “shhing” motion at him before dragging him inside, nodding to his bed. He moved to the iPod dock that was sitting next to his television, and he looked for a certain song, one that was more fitting for the scenario.


Derek sung the song, hoping that the meaning hit home, or some part of the cuteness of it was recognized by the other boy, and it not, well, that was okay for now, it didn’t matter how Elliot took the song, Derek knew his true intentions behind it, and he had no plans on explaining it any further, singing until the song drew to a close, holding a hand up to tell Elliot to wait, as he moved back to his dresser to stop the iPod, retreiving yet another item, and holding it in his hand, before taking Elliot’s wrist, and placing it there.


Derek smiled at the bracelet, it was one he wore often. He sort of believed that it was a symbol of how his heart was protected by himself, bound to him and only him. A steel heart that no one could break. And he told that to Elliot, before adjusted the bracelet to fit the other more perfectly. “But now it means something else. It stands for how my hear is still protected, and bound, but not to me anymore. Because you kind of stole my heart. And while the proper course of action would be to call the police and report a theft, I’m going to let you keep it, because well, if you could take it, you can keep it.” He shrugs, before leaning down and kissing him softly. “And I love you. Not Kurt. So don’t feel bad because my heart isn’t with him. It’s nothing you, nor I can control.”